I’m Too Old To Exercise!

Looking at the large majority of magazine covers you would not be alone if you thought the need to keep moving stopped in the mid-twenties. What you may not know is that moving does not have an age. The only time movement becomes irrelevant is when you are six feet under and I often say to the members in my group fitness classes that people often get their quicker because they stopped moving. I am not saying you need to run marathons all your life or is this healthy for most people. Your body changes as you age with injuries and parts of your body just not feeling the same as it used to. The answer is to learn to listen to your body and as it changes, it is almost like over a lifetime you have different bodies and to achieve your full potential you need to learn about the body you have.
This may mean not jumping or running anymore but this is not all the exercises you can do. Try low impact options in cardio classes or choosing a class which is only low impact like cycle. I always say that if you are moving and off your butt you are beating most of the population who will not even do that today. This century there will be children dying younger than their parents due to lifestyle choices which include not being physically active. How old you are in years means nothing to how old your body is on the inside and how it is functioning. Growing older with quality of life is the goal and although this is not sold as the sexy in the media is something that is priceless.
Take home message: Aging with function means learning about the different ‘bodies’ you develop as you grow older. It is not a failure if you must change the way you move but a form of respect to adapt to meet the needs of your body as you age. Having the ability to maintain function and strength is something I strive for and is in the back of my mind whenever I exercise. After all who wants to be fit for just a few years when you could live the life you want with the function you want throughout your whole life!

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