Wellness at Work Package for Businesses

Most of our week is spent in a work environment. This environment can either promote the health and effectiveness of the employees or inhibit it. This effectiveness has an impact on the whole business which ultimately effects the bottom line.

Wellness at Work is a package for Businesses, where an Accredited Practicing Dietitian evaluates the environment of the workplace, assessing the nutrition status of the business and possible areas for improvement. The Dietitian then works collaboratively with the key stakeholders to implement actions to improve the nutrition and wellness of the work environment to support a healthy and effective workplace. This can be supplemented with workshops for your staff.

The process is implemented over a period of time and support and further advice is given throughout the process by the Dietitian. Once the actions have been implemented, an optional follow-up session can be booked to assess if additional changes may be required to further enhance the effectiveness and health of the business.

Services for businesses include: