Dietary Guidance for Individuals

HP_L2_Individual_Dietary_HelpThe importance of eating well to optimise health and wellness is vital but often making the time to find and attend a Dietetic session can stop many in their tracks. Feed Your Future Dietetics offers a Take-Home-Dietitian service providing you with the key to success by coming to your chosen place of meeting such as your home, local coffee shop or workplace and conduct a one-on-one session.

These consultations are tailored to your individual needs, taking into consideration your medical, social, family life and activities. The Dietitian then works together with you to make the most appropriate goals for long term success.

The process is most effective over a series of sessions and the Dietitian, during follow up review sessions can work together with you to modify goals as they are achieved and make new goals to promote steps forward to achieving the long-term goal.

Services for individuals include: