Health Support Package for Families

The health of the whole family unit is important to enable all of its members to achieve their full potential and quality of life. The habit of one member is often taken up by another and in the case of nutrition and eating habits this can lead to an entire family being affected in their health and wellness.

Feed Your Future Dietetics supports families through their journey towards wellness. Our Take-Home-Dietitian offer can assist families through a series of potential packages to improve the nutrition and eating habits of your family. This includes the Dietitian discussing with the family the current eating habits, investigating the environment at home including the kitchen and place of eating and then collaborating with the members of the family strategies and actions to improve the nutrition and eating environment. Over the long-term we work with you to improve the health and wellness of the family and quality of life.

Another service includes the Dietitian taking the family on a tour of the environment based around food shopping. The session involves educating the family on methods to improve the choices put into the trolley or selected in the food court.

The Dietitian is available for long-term support and follow-up appointments can be made to encourage commitment to the changes and assist all members of the family to take on board the strategies to achieve the long-term goals and outcomes of improving nutrition and eating habits.

Services for Families include: