Feed Your Future Dietetics offers a range of different services for Businesses, Families and Individuals. The Dietitian will travel to you for the meeting. This could be your place of business, your family home, or even a local cafe.

Starting prices for consultations for Families and Individuals are as follows. For more details or for a quote please do not hesitate to contact us.


Initial Consultations:

from $160 per session


Follow Up Consultations:

from $100 per session


Business Consultations and Services:

Price on application

  • B1: Workplace Nutrition Evaluation

    B1: Workplace Nutrition Evaluation

    Collaborating with business leaders and staff in an organisation, the Dietitian will assess the work environment, the nutrition, current food and beverages available…

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  • B2: Healthy Workplace Strategic Planning

    B2: Healthy Workplace Strategic Planning

    Based on the Workplace Nutrition Evaluation held by the Dietitian in collaboration with the business and its stakeholders, a plan for implementation…

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  • B3: Healthy Habits Workshop

    B3: Healthy Habits Workshop

    The Dietitian will run workshops for staff, educating and providing suggestions and skills to improve nutrition and wellness in the workplace. This…

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  • F1: Family Home Nutrition Evaluation

    F1: Family Home Nutrition Evaluation

    This is a service where the Dietitian will come to the house and through discussions with the family and evaluation of…

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  • F2: Collaborative Meal Planning

    F2: Collaborative Meal Planning

    The Dietitian will assess the current eating habits of the family and collaborate with the family to make adjustments to…

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  • F3: Food Shopping Guidance

    F3: Food Shopping Guidance

    The Dietitian will take the family on a guide through a shopping centre, including the grocery shop and food court. The…

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  • F4: Convincing Family Members

    F4: Convincing Family Members

    Getting your entire family on board with making healthier lifestyle and dietary choices can be difficult and daunting. Dietitians at…

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  • I1: Mobile Dietetic Consultation

    I1: Mobile Dietetic Consultation

    The Dietitian will travel to the client’s place of work, home or a coffee shop to conduct the dietetic consultation in…

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