Portfolio Category: For Businesses

B1: Workplace Nutrition Evaluation

Collaborating with business leaders and staff in an organisation, the Dietitian will assess the work environment, the nutrition, current food and beverages available and make suggestions for actions to improve the nutrition and wellness of the workplace. Contact us today to make an enquiry.
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B2: Healthy Workplace Strategic Planning

Based on the Workplace Nutrition Evaluation held by the Dietitian in collaboration with the business and its stakeholders, a plan for implementation will be developed to build an optimal healthy environment for the organisation. Actions will be set and a timeline for each suggestion will be created. Additional follow up assessments can be included as an option in this package.…
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B3: Healthy Habits Workshop

The Dietitian will run workshops for staff, educating and providing suggestions and skills to improve nutrition and wellness in the workplace. This will help optimise the health of the individual and consequently the productivity in the workplace. Contact us to make your workshop booking.
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