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Services for Businesses, Families and Individuals:

Click on each service below to learn how Dietitians at Feed Your Future Dietetics can bring health, wellness and the correct dietary choices to your workplace, your home and family and your individual daily routine.

  • B1: Workplace Nutrition Evaluation

    B1: Workplace Nutrition Evaluation

    Collaborating with business leaders and staff in an organisation, the Dietitian will assess the work environment, the nutrition, current food and beverages available…

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  • B2: Healthy Workplace Strategic Planning

    B2: Healthy Workplace Strategic Planning

    Based on the Workplace Nutrition Evaluation held by the Dietitian in collaboration with the business and its stakeholders, a plan for implementation…

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  • B3: Healthy Habits Workshop

    B3: Healthy Habits Workshop

    The Dietitian will run workshops for staff, educating and providing suggestions and skills to improve nutrition and wellness in the workplace. This…

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  • F1: Family Home Nutrition Evaluation

    F1: Family Home Nutrition Evaluation

    This is a service where the Dietitian will come to the house and through discussions with the family and evaluation of…

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  • F2: Collaborative Meal Planning

    F2: Collaborative Meal Planning

    The Dietitian will assess the current eating habits of the family and collaborate with the family to make adjustments to…

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  • F3: Food Shopping Guidance

    F3: Food Shopping Guidance

    The Dietitian will take the family on a guide through a shopping centre, including the grocery shop and food court. The…

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  • F4: Convincing Family Members

    F4: Convincing Family Members

    Getting your entire family on board with making healthier lifestyle and dietary choices can be difficult and daunting. Dietitians at…

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  • I1: Mobile Dietetic Consultation

    I1: Mobile Dietetic Consultation

    The Dietitian will travel to the client’s place of work, home or a coffee shop to conduct the dietetic consultation in…

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  • I2: Individual Meal Planning

    I2: Individual Meal Planning

    The Dietitian will tailor a meal plan for the client based on the individual's needs and goals. The meal plan will…

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