Spring Clean Yourself

Every now and then we need to refresh ourselves from inside out like a Spring Clean of ourselves. My 4 tips to help improve your health and well being when the time is needed to reset the health in your life:

  1. Think about how you see the world.

A positive mindset leads to a positive life. Not every part of life is rainbow and butterflies. Training your mind to see the best in every situation can help you to use the situation in the most productive way and learn to move over the hurdles in life better.

  1. Make time to move every day.

This is needed not just for how you look on the outside but every cell in your body responds to movement. It helps to clear your mind, keep your immune system working well, and prevent chronic diseases from happening like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome or obesity. You need a minimum of 30 minutes a day to stay healthy but if you are trying to lose weight it is closer to 60 minutes. The type of exercise needs to make you puff and get your heart rate up. Try incidental exercise like taking the stairs instead of the lift. You don’t need to do all the time all at once, it can add up during the day.

  1. Eat for your optimal self.

Eating is such a complex thing, we tend to eat for many reasons other than fulfilling hunger, especially in the western world where we are surrounded by food. Eating for your best self means eating to meet your energy needs but also any conditions which may affect you or goals you want to achieve. To do this usually requires help and I suggest instead of rushing onto Google for the latest fad diet see and expert such as an Accredited Practicing Dietitian who can tailor a way of eating to suit you as an individual and allow you to be your best.

  1. De Stress!

This is something I have to work on and I use exercise as one way to help me. Stress can do havoc to your health as the balance of hormones and chemicals in your body go out of order and if this was in an emergency situation (like being chased by a tiger) this would be helpful but to deal with a high level of stress over a long period can harm your health in many ways. You may like to try deep breathing and taking the time to be aware of your surroundings at that specific moment, or like I do use exercise as a form of active meditation to clear the mind. Another great way to de stress is walking outside and enjoying nature.



Take home message: Cleaning out the ‘garbage’ which is holding you back from a healthier self does not need to be overwhelming. Taking small steps over a period of time can help make it more manageable as well as increase your chances of keeping these changes as long term lifestyle changes which ultimately leads to long term healthier you!

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