Do You Want to Learn Tricks to Slow the Aging Clock?

There is no denying that getting older is not on most people’s to-do list. While it may be impossible to reverse or stop the aging process there are ways you can slow the effects of aging on your body. We live in a time were the younger generation may not outlive their parents and is a key point to show that what you do to your body matters. What are ways you can act today to start to slow the aging process? Try to include these 6 tips into your life and see how it makes your skin, mind and body feel:

  1. Put the cake down!

Most Australians have 1/3rd of their diet made up of the ‘sometimes’ foods and drinks. These foods and drinks have an inflammatory effect on your body because of the refined sugars and unhealthy fats which promotes the aging process in your body. This does not mean you need to give up all your treats but leave it to just this a treat and not a daily staple.

  1. Eat for Collagen Promotion

Vitamin C not only helps your immune system to stay strong it also has an anti-inflammatory effect and is needed for collagen synthesis. If you want skin that bounces back quickly try adding some fruit to your snack like an apple with a tablespoon of 100% peanut butter or adding vegetables like spinach, broccoli or capsicum to your lunch and dinners.

  1. Vitamin Awesome

I am talking about vitamin A, if you do not have enough vitamin A the texture of your skin can be rough. Try adding some sweet potato to a salad or even use sweet potato as a bread and top with some ricotta and spinach which will double your dose of vitamin A!

  1. Keep the vampires away

Garlic has a component called allicin which is an antioxidant and helps fight damage to your cells which happens with aging as well as from everyday life exposures like sun. Another benefit is garlic promotes more oxygen to your skin which is needed for your cells to stay heathy. Try making your own hummus to use as a dip with some vegetable sticks like carrot (also contain vitamin A), cucumber, celery or capsicum.

  1. You don’t see any saggy fish faces

Not all fats are equal and omega-3 fats help your body in many ways, one which includes a glowing skin complexion. Try adding 2-3 serves of fish a week and yes tinned is fine. Go for the tinned fish in spring water over the other varieties which have added sugars and salt which your body does not need for health. This is a meat where the fattier the fish the better for your health, try salmon, sardines or mackerel. If you have whole fish keep the skin on as this is the part of the fish with the most omega-3 fat.

‘Anutter’ option is also the very underrated walnut. Not only do walnuts give you a plant source of omega-3 but this super nut also has a compound called juglone which can help your skin cells regenerate! Try adding a small handful (30g) of walnuts to your day as a snack or adding to a salad or on top of some yogurt for extra flavour and crunch.


  1. Another reason to love your greens.

Carotenoids are antioxidants found in many dark green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale and broccoli. This antioxidant is important as it help to prevent the breaking down of your collagen which happens as you age. Try adding an extra cup of these delicious greens to your dinner or if needed hide them amongst the sauce in a dish, it doesn’t matter how you eat them if you do.


Take home message: Aging is an inevitable part of being alive for longer. However, you can take these steps in your diet to improve your overall health and maintain a more youthful body.

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