A Good Mood Is Just a Cup (Or Two) Of Tea Away

Are you like many of us who enjoy drinking tea the overall experience? The beneficial effects to your health include hydration which helps not only keep your whole body working better but helps stop you overeating. Your brain does not know the difference between thirst and hunger and most people end up eating instead of sipping on a calorie free cup of tea. The benefits of tea also include the warriors to good health with many antioxidants and phytochemicals. These help to protect your body from nasties like illness, cancer and early aging and are a key to the healthiest version of you.

But did you know there are more benefits to tea? The caffeine present in tea not only improves your mental and physical performance and activity throughout the day but also helps to improve your mood? A study in Finland found that when people drank up to 14 cups of tea a day this improved their mood and decreased feelings of depression. Most of us can tolerate 8 cups before unwanted consequences of too much caffeine so emphasis on the ‘up to’. Even this many cups of tea do not apply to everyone and those with additional medical conditions, if you are sensitive to caffeine or pregnant need to adjust this amount to a safe range of caffeine for their individual needs.

Take home message: there is absolutely no reason not to fall in love with the daily routine of drinking a tea. Not only are you improving your health but as a Fairtrade and Australian owned company you can feel even better when sipping on your next cup of tea.



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