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Ashleigh's words of wisdom are published in leading health, wellness & fitness magazines

Ashleigh Feltham published in health and wellness magazines

Accredited Practicing Dietician Ashleigh Feltham is regularly published in leading health, wellness and fitness magazines. As gh is the nutrition expert for Men's Muscle and Health magazine and is featured in each publication. Through the featured nutrition articles she writes for magazines as well as the Feed Your Future Dietetics Blog Ashleigh educates her readers about the importance of a balanced diet and the impact it has on an individual's quality of life.

“There is so much information about nutrition and dietetics in the media it is no wonder there is confusion about how to eat for health and wellness. It is my goal to use my knowledge to assist in eliminating the myths and providing accurate information to assist the public in achieving health and increased quality of life.”

Featured in the Canberra Times for International Women's Day

“I’ve always been very active. I started off with group fitness and then did my masters in nutrition and dietetics, so my motto to life is to help women, especially, be more positive in their minds and also healthy in their bodies.

I think from a health perspective, what worries me is potentially disregarding the need to be healthy at both ends of the spectrum. Yes, we’re in an obesity epidemic, but on the other end of the spectrum, there’s a lot of push by numerous companies and even social media stars to be living in a way that’s not healthy either.

It’s the imbalance. There’s so much negative and incorrect information that that imbalance in health in a woman is almost unseen. It’s a big problem because information and the truth about how to be healthy to everyone is not known. People don’t understand that healthy at every size doesn’t mean accepting the obesity epidemic.

It’s a really fine line, because we need to be able to use our bodies not just to look good, but to feel good and to optimise what we can give to ourselves, but also to our families and to others. If we’re not healthy, I think that lesson has been lost.

I think women need to feel comfortable whatever they’re doing. It comes down to having confidence in yourself, but we do need to keep sticking up for each other as woman.”

Wellness, Health and Fitness categories and topics she writes about include:

Diets and Health | Eating Behaviour | Living Well | Myth Busting | Nutrition

Men's Muscle & Health magazine:

Eating Behaviour Master The Buffet Beast

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Fitness First magazine:


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Heaven Calling: What Tastes Like Cheese, But Is 100% Vegan?

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Oxygen magazine:

Ashleigh Feltham published in Oxygen Magazine

Myth Busting Sugar Is Not The Enemy


Eat to Beat Inflammation (p1) (p2)

How Much Protein is Too Much? (p1) (p2)


Australian Fitness Network Magazine:

Network Magazine Ashleigh Feltham

Diets and Health

Don't be fooled by kombucha wannabes

How To Eat Super Without The Superfood Price Tag




YMCA Healthy Living magazine:

Ashleigh Feltham published in YMCA Magazine

Eating Behaviour

Eating for Immunity

Good Food For Good Mood

Family Friendly Fast Food

Healthy Eating On A Budget

5 Wonderful Winter Meals (Using Only 8 Ingredients)

Say 'No' To Sports Drinks

8 Healthy Habits For Kids

OH! (Optimum Health) magazine:

Ashleigh Feltham published in OH Magazine

Living Well Should You Eat Before Going To The Gym, 9 Key Foods For Men, Understanding Food Labels, Eating To Be A Workout Weapon

Eating Behaviour  On The Road To Healthy Eating, Mastering The Buffet Beast, The Family Who Dines Together, Five Steps to Surviving the Festive Season, Alcohol: It's Not Just Kilojoules To Worry About

Diets and Health  Nutrition Q&A, Legalising Hemp, Are Antioxidants Such A Big Deal?



MediBank Be magazine:

Ashleigh Feltham published in Medibank Be Magazine

Eating Behaviour The Family Table

Living Well Go Nuts, 9 Ways To Cut Your Cancer Risk





Harness Magazine:

Ashleigh Feltham published in Harness Magazine

Living Well 9 Ways To Decrease Your Cancer Risk By A Third

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